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Authorities in the Russian region disappointed over a toilet raked with paint

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Authorities in the Russian region have become disillusioned with the paint-fired toilet. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Khakassia on the VKontakte page.
The agency has published a snapshot of a street toilet that stands by the road. Light traces of paint are visible on the blue side panel.
“We cannot but share our disappointment. The toilet installed in August this year on the 58th kilometer of the Abakan-Sayanogorsk highway (next to the Ozero Bugaevo bus stop) was shot today … with paint, ”the entry says. Also, the regional Ministry of Transport decided to put hashtags: # be more human, # appreciate the work of others.
The Russians reacted in the comments to the news: “M is the mentality”, “Ay-yay, how shameful …”, “It’s okay, usually they have holes from bullets and buckshot.”
Earlier it was reported that the toilet in a Russian school, where schoolchildren from Germany often come to exchange, was left without doors. The residents of Nizhniy Novgorod suggested that the curtain was hung up during the renovation, and then the object was handed over with it for use.

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