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Experts assess the consequences of the Democrats’ advantage in the Senate for Biden

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The Democratic advantage in the US Senate opens up great opportunities for the administration of President-elect Joe Biden, but could further radicalize Republicans and supporters of Donald Trump, whose term expires in late January. This was stated to RBC by the chairman of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy Fedor Lukyanov.

“If the Senate goes to the Democrats, then there is a rare situation when all power is completely under the control of one party. And if the Democrats have no restraints, it will only increase hostility in Republican circles. This means that the fight will continue. Probably, over the next two years, the democrats will try to implement as much as possible what they consider necessary, and the midterm elections will be the next ideologically very intense battle, ”the expert said.

At the same time, Aleksandra Filippenko, a senior fellow at the Institute of the USA and Canada, notes that even if both seats in the upper house go to the Democrats, Joe Biden will not have enough leeway to pass the bills that he proposed during the election campaign, although he will make it easier passing initiatives through the Senate. “We now understand that there is a serious polarization of the two parties, and the Republicans will most certainly oppose all the initiatives of Joe Biden as much as possible,” she said.

Filippenko recalled that former US President, Democrat Barack Obama actually managed to pass only one bill, despite the fact that in the first two years of his presidency in Congress there was a serious advantage of his party representatives.

Earlier, the American media reported on the victory of Democrat Raphael Warnock in the second round of elections to the US Senate in Georgia, although the final results have not yet been summed up.

In total, two seats in the upper house of Congress are being played in Georgia. Another mandate is claimed by Democrat John Ossoff and Republican David Purdue. If Ossoff gets a second mandate in the state, the majority in the US Senate will be for the Democratic Party.

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