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я бы заячьи уши пришил к лицу

Hidden. Third Place, Young. Trexler: "Agricultural areas like this do not seem very lively. The hare, which I almost ran past, is very well camouflaged here. Due to his natural instinct, he will lie down as soon as danger arises. So I discovered him, quite unexpectedly, five meters away from me."
© Anton Trexler

Несколько призеров конкурса "2021 Close-up Photographer of the Year"

Snack Time. Insects Finalist. An ant carries part of another insect.
© Laurent Hesemans

Lachnum niveum. Second Place, Plants. Lachnum niveum, a tiny cuplike fungi, about half a millimeter tall, that captures water droplets in hairs on its stem.
© Andy Sands

Magic Spores. Third Place, Insects. A bracket fungus releases masses of spores, which caused the refraction of light, while a cockroach is feeding.
© Bernhard Schubert

Delusion. Second Place, Manmade. Militelli: "A soap bubble lasts mere seconds before it bursts and returns to its original form. This image seeks not only to portray the ephemeral life of an apparent common physical phenomenon, but to also show the most diverse colors and mesmerizing patterns.
© Bruno Militelli

Dancing in the Dark. First Place, Animals. Ahumada: "This opilione (harvestman or daddy long legs) moves along a dry branch in a small hollow created by a landslip on the hillside of Sierra Blanca, Andalusia. These creatures are blind and use their front legs to guide themselves in the dark. With little space to move, I managed to light the subject from behind and used a 20-second exposure to capture the movement of its long legs."
© Juan Ahumada

Golden Rain. Butterflies Finalist. A dragonfly perches on a leaf during a downpour.
© Norbert Kaszás

Confinement on the Seventh Left. Animals Finalist.
© David Jerez Diez

Mudskipper Madness. Animals Finalist. A pair of mudskippers faces the photographer.
© Daniel Trim

Tiny Details. Third Place, Animals. The feet of a bat, seen in an abandoned mine in Hungary's Börzsöny hills. Sztrehárszki: "The photo shows the smallest horseshoe bat in Europe, the lesser horseshoe bat. Composing the picture in the silent darkness I only used a single flashlight with great care, trying not to disturb the hibernating mammal. I attempted to frame the picture to highlight the delicate feet of the bat as it hung upside down, clinging to the rock with its tiny fingers and claws, using special locking tendons. The backlight emphasizes the veins under the thin skin and the light hair on the tiny feet."
© Lili Sztrehárszki

Take Off. Animals Finalist. A beetle takes off from atop a snake.
© Dario Quattrin

Mole Cricket. Insects Finalist.
© Marco Jongsma

Rat in Tire Hub. First Place, Young. Boulton: "I noticed this rat peering out of an abandoned car wheel in a farmyard near my home in Cornwall, England. It was framed so pleasingly by the concentric circles of the tire that I came back the next morning with my camera in the hope of capturing the moment
© Ezra Boulton

Light Bulb. Underwater Finalist. A close view of a larval wonderpus octopus #
© Filippo Borghi

Triplets in Green. Animals Finalist. Salamanders, silhouetted against large leaves. #
© Johan De Ridder



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