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27 Best Airline Affiliate Programs for Bloggers & Influencers

In the dynamic world of affiliate marketing, airline affiliate programs stand out as a promising avenue for marketers looking to capitalize on the travel industry’s vast potential. These programs offer a unique opportunity to partner with leading airlines, promote flight bookings, and earn commissions on ticket sales. Let’s take a closer look at the 27 best airline affiliate programs and uncover the benefits, challenges, and strategies for success in this niche.

Understanding Airline Affiliate Programs

Airline affiliate programs enable affiliate marketers to promote flights, travel packages, and related services offered by airlines through their websites, blogs, or social media channels.

By joining these programs, affiliates can earn commissions for driving traffic, generating leads, and facilitating bookings on behalf of the airline partners.

This mutually beneficial arrangement allows affiliates to monetize their travel-related content while airlines benefit from increased visibility and sales.

Benefits of Airline Affiliate Programs

Lucrative Commissions

Airline affiliate programs typically offer competitive commissions on flight bookings, providing affiliates with a lucrative revenue stream.

Global Reach

Partnering with major airlines allows affiliates to tap into a global audience of travelers, expanding their reach and potential earnings.

Trusted Brands

Affiliating with reputable airlines enhances the credibility of marketers and instills trust in their audience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Diverse Offerings

Airlines offer a wide range of services, including flights, vacation packages, car rentals, and travel insurance. As well as provide affiliates with diverse monetization opportunities.

27 Best Airline Affiliate Programs for Bloggers & Influencers

Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

Qatar Airways Affiliate Program

Qatar Airways stands as one of the premier airlines in the Middle East, offering flights to over 150 international destinations worldwide.

In a remarkable achievement, the airline was honored as the Airline of the Year by Skytrax for an unprecedented seventh consecutive year in 2022.

Additionally, Qatar Airways clinched three other prestigious awards, including the esteemed title of World’s Best Business Class.

Elevate your affiliate marketing endeavors by joining the Qatar Airways Affiliate Program and harnessing the power of one of the most esteemed airlines in the world.

Seize this opportunity to showcase the allure of Qatar Airways to your audience and embark on a rewarding partnership that transcends borders and elevates your affiliate marketing

Kiwi.com Affiliate Program

Kiwi.com Affiliate Program

Kiwi.com operates as a budget-friendly online travel agency specializing in bridging connections between airlines, trains, and bus operators that traditionally operate independently.

Their nomad travel search feature meticulously explores various transportation combinations to assist users in securing cost-effective options for multi-city journeys.

Similar to many travel affiliate programs, Kiwi.com adopts the Cost Per Action (CPA) model, where sales serve as conversions.

Employing last-click attribution, commissions are credited to the final referral source that led to the sale.

The program includes incentives such as performance-based bonuses and provides dedicated affiliate managers to aid in refining affiliate marketing strategies.

With the Kiwi.com Affiliate Program, affiliates can earn a 3% commission per sale, benefiting from a 30-day cookie period.

Commissions are disbursed monthly in arrears through an automated process, eliminating the need for affiliates to submit invoices.

Emirates Airline Affiliate Program

Emirates Airline Affiliate Program

Emirates ranks among the globe’s leading airlines, boasting a fleet exceeding 260 aircraft.

The airline operates flights to 152 international destinations and accommodated 19 million passengers during the 2021-22 period.

Emirates prioritizes the passenger experience, a core aspect of its operations, earning recognition for the best in-flight entertainment at the 2022 World Airline Awards.

Notably, Emirates stands among the exclusive group of 23 five-star global airlines distinguished by APEX, the Airline Passenger Experience Association.

Elevate your affiliate marketing endeavors by promoting Emirates Airlines, a symbol of luxury and refinement that resonates with discerning travelers worldwide.

Partner with Emirates Airlines to showcase the allure of premium travel and unlock a world of opportunities. For both your audience and your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner stands out as one of the most globally recognized flight search engines, facilitating flight bookings from a wide array of major airlines.

The platform conducts searches on 10 billion prices daily. It serves over 90 million active users per month, and operates in more than 30 languages across 52 countries.

As a prominent player in the travel industry, Skyscanner maintains stringent criteria for approving affiliate marketers compared to many flight affiliate programs.

Prospective affiliates must possess a fully functional HTTPS website with updated travel content and a robust user experience to be considered.

Notably, affiliates are prohibited from booking tickets on behalf of customers and must not fall under specific categories, including:

  • Coupon sites;
  • Discount sites;
  • Networks or sub-networks;
  • Marketing performance agencies;
  • Technology partners.

By joining the Skyscanner Affiliate Program, affiliates gain access to a monthly newsletter featuring the latest travel trends, industry updates, and exclusive websites.

Skyscanner also provides affiliates with the opportunity to create and integrate widgets on their websites. It enables their audience to search for flights, hotels, and car rentals seamlessly without redirecting from the affiliate’s site.

CheapOair Affiliate Program

CheapOair enables users to compare and reserve flights across a vast selection of over 500 airlines. In addition it provides services for hotel bookings, car rentals, and flight insurance.

The platform falls under the ownership of Fareportal. This is a company that manages various brands including OneTravel, Travelong, and Dukes Court Travel.

CheapOair’s website has garnered high acclaim, boasting an Excellent rating on SiteJabber derived from an extensive pool of over 125,000 reviews.

By joining the CheapOair Affiliate Program, affiliates gain access to a diverse range of travel options, exclusive deals, and a user-friendly booking platform that simplifies the travel planning process.

With competitive pricing, 24/7 customer support, and a wide selection of travel services, CheapOair provides affiliates with the tools they need to attract and convert their audience effectively.

KAYAK Affiliate Program

KAYAK Affiliate Program

KAYAK operates as a global network encompassing various travel brands, including:

  • Cheapflights;
  • HotelsCombined;
  • Momondo.

The latter being recognized among the top airline affiliate programs.

Together, the KAYAK network manages over six billion travel searches annually. It maintains partnerships with more than two million properties, and collaborates with over 15,000 affiliate associates.

Through the KAYAK affiliate program, members can generate revenue from clicks, bookings, and advertisement earnings related to flights, car rentals, accommodations, and vacation packages.

Affiliates receive a 50% share of the revenue earned by KAYAK from its travel partners.

Commission payments are typically processed within 45 days and disbursed monthly via bank transfer or PayPal, contingent upon meeting the minimum payment threshold.

KAYAK provides a diverse array of affiliate marketing tools, such as deep links, widgets, and a search box.

Moreover, affiliates have the option to customize KAYAK’s offerings through an API and white label solution, showcasing the program’s technological sophistication and adaptability in the realm of airline affiliate programs.

OneTravel Affiliate Program

OneTravel Affiliate Program

The OneTravel Affiliate Program opens doors for affiliate marketers seeking to monetize their platform by promoting a diverse array of travel services.

By partnering with OneTravel, affiliates gain access to a plethora of options including discounted flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and more.

This program allows affiliates to offer their audience exclusive travel deals and savings, making travel planning more affordable and convenient.

Through the OneTravel Affiliate Program, partners can earn commissions for every successful booking generated through their referrals.

Joining this program not only provides a seamless way to monetize web traffic. It also offers audiences a gateway to budget-friendly travel options, enhancing their overall travel experience.

Momondo Affiliate Program

Momondo Affiliate Program

Momondo is a global travel hub where users can compare offerings from over 700 providers for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

The platform features a unique tool known as Price Forecast, leveraging historical data to forecast potential price fluctuations in flights.

This aids customers in making informed decisions on whether to book immediately or wait for better deals.

Momondo is affiliated with KAYAK, offering affiliates a generous 50% commission on profits generated from flight, car, hotel, and vacation bookings.

With a competitive commission structure, customizable widgets, and real-time reporting and analytics, Momondo Affiliate Program offers a seamless and rewarding experience for affiliates.

CheapTickets.com Affiliate Program

CheapTickets.com Affiliate Program

The CheapTickets.com Affiliate Program presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliates to monetize their online platforms through travel affiliate marketing.

As part of the Expedia group, CheapTickets.com offers affiliates the chance to earn commissions by promoting a wide selection of flights from over 400 airlines and accommodations from a database of more than 260,000 properties.

With a significant monthly visitor count exceeding 60 million, the program provides a robust platform for affiliates to tap into a large audience.

Moreover, CheapTickets.com operates a popular travel loyalty program. It allows affiliates to earn CheapCash for flight bookings, which can be redeemed towards hotel stays, enhancing the overall value proposition for both affiliates and customers.

Join the CheapTickets.com Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions while connecting travelers with affordable flights and accommodations worldwide.

KLM Affiliate Program

KLM Affiliate Program

KLM, a distinguished airline, operates flights to 92 European cities and 70 international destinations. It serves as a key member of Air France KLM, Europe’s largest airline group.

Additionally, KLM is a valued partner in the SkyTeam Alliance, collectively offering services to 1,063 destinations across 173 countries.

KLM’s innovative global tracking solution ensures that affiliate marketers receive compensation for all bookings made through KLM.com, irrespective of the country, departure airport, currency, or language.

To participate in KLM’s flight affiliate program, interested individuals must register on Partnerize. Upon approval, affiliates can earn a 1% commission on medium-haul flight bookings and 1.5% on long-haul flights, with a 30-day cookie window provided.

The program equips affiliates with a range of conversion-driving tools, including:

  • A link maker;
  • Product feed;
  • Flight search widget;
  • Customizable mobile banners.

Lastminute Affiliate Program

Lastminute Affiliate Program

The Lastminute Affiliate Program offers a dynamic opportunity for marketers to engage in travel affiliate marketing. As well as earn commissions through promoting Lastminute’s diverse range of travel services.

Lastminute is a UK’s leading online travel and leisure retailer with over 1.65 million visitors per week. It provides affiliates with access to a wide array of last-minute deals on flights, hotels, vacation packages, and more.

Affiliates can capitalize on the platform’s reputation for offering discounted travel options to a broad audience.

By joining the Lastminute Affiliate Program, partners can earn commissions while helping travelers secure affordable and convenient travel arrangements.

With a user-friendly interface and a variety of promotional tools available, Lastminute empowers affiliates to maximize their earnings and connect their audience with enticing travel opportunities.

Etihad Airways Affiliate Program

Etihad Airways Affiliate Program

Etihad Airways, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, operates flights to a wide range of destinations spanning:

  • Middle East;
  • Africa;
  • Europe;
  • Asia;
  • Australia;
  • North America.

The airline is celebrated for its exceptional service standards and was honored with the prestigious Best First Class award at the 2022 Business Traveller Middle East Awards.

By joining the Etihad Airways affiliate program, affiliates can earn commissions. As well as connect travelers with premium flight options and exceptional service.

With a strong global presence and a reputation for excellence, the program equips affiliates with the tools and resources needed to drive conversions and generate revenue through promoting Etihad Airways’ world-class travel services.

Travelocity Affiliate Program

Travelocity Affiliate Program

Travelocity is an online booking platform established in 1996 and now under the Expedia Group umbrella. It provides a seamless experience for booking:

  • Flight tickets;
  • Accommodations;
  • Vacation packages;
  • Cruises;
  • Various travel deals.

Positioned as a comprehensive hub for travel enthusiasts, it caters specifically to family travel. It also offers specialized search filters tailored to assist users in discovering family-friendly travel options.

The platform features a user-friendly ticket upgrade process, enabling customers to enhance their bookings with additional services effortlessly.

Affiliates partnering with the Travelocity affiliate program can earn competitive commissions on a range of travel services booked through their referral links.

Vacabee Affiliate Program

Vacabee Affiliate Program

The Vacabee Affiliate Program offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates seeking to monetize their online platforms through travel affiliate marketing.

Vacabee is a prominent vacation rental platform. It provides affiliates with access to a diverse selection of vacation homes, apartments, and unique accommodations worldwide.

Affiliates can offer their audience a valuable tool for saving money on travel, unlocking sought-after flights using loyalty program points.

With comprehensive reporting features and dedicated support, the Reward Flight Finder Affiliate Program empowers partners to enhance their content offerings with a practical and enticing travel solution.

Reward Flight Finder Affiliate Program

Reward Flight Finder Affiliate Program

Reward Flight Finder offers an enticing Affiliate Program. It allows partners to earn rewards while helping travelers unlock incredible flight deals.

By joining the program, affiliates gain access to a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Generous commissions
  • Exclusive promotional materials;
  • Dedicated support.

Through promoting Reward Flight Finder’s innovative service, affiliates can assist others in discovering affordable flights using points and miles, all while earning rewards themselves.

Hawaiian Airlines Affiliate Program

Hawaiian Airlines Affiliate Program

Hawaiian Airlines operates around 130 flights within the Hawaiian Islands. It provides daily direct flights to 16 US gateway cities, along with long-haul services to destinations like:

  • American Samoa;
  • Japan;
  • South Korea;
  • Sydney;
  • Tahiti.

Renowned for its exceptional on-time performance, the airline has consistently outperformed other US carriers every year from 2004 to 2020.

Additionally, Hawaiian Airlines was recognized as the best US airline at Condé Nast Traveler’s 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Omio Affiliate Program

Omio Affiliate Program

Just like Kiwi.com, Omio enables global travelers to explore and reserve journeys encompassing flights, trains, ferries, and buses.

Collaborating with over 1,000 travel partners, Omio is a comprehensive platform for travelers seeking diverse transportation options.

Affiliate participation in the Omio program is available to individuals with websites, apps, or online travel agencies.

Skyluxtravel Affiliate Program

Skyluxtravel Affiliate Program

Skyluxtravel is a prominent travel agency. It offers affiliates the chance to earn commissions by promoting a wide array of travel services, including:

  • Flights;
  • Accommodations;
  • Vacation packages.

By joining the Skyluxtravel Affiliate Program, partners can monetize their online platforms. And provide their audience with access to competitive travel deals and personalized booking options.

With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of travel products available, affiliates can cater to various travel preferences and help travelers find the best travel solutions.

The program equips affiliates with the tools and resources needed to drive conversions, maximize earnings, and enhance the travel experience for their audience.

Flynas Affiliate Program

Flynas Affiliate Program

Flynas is a prominent Saudi Arabian low-cost carrier. It boasts a fleet of 38 aircraft and runs over 1500 weekly flights to 70 destinations, both domestic and international.

Since its launch in 2007, Flynas has served more than 60 million passengers. A figure that has consistently increased over the years.

By joining the Flynas Affiliate Program, partners can monetize their platforms while connecting travelers with affordable and convenient flight options.

With a reputation for quality service and a wide network of destinations, Flynas equips affiliates with the tools and support needed to drive conversions and generate revenue through promoting the airline’s services.

Travolic Affiliate Program

Travolic Affiliate Program

Travolic functions as a travel metasearch engine. It offers a holistic solution designed to tackle the primary obstacles encountered by travelers and travel service providers alike.

This innovative tool streamlines the process for global travelers by comparing numerous travel deals from a multitude of booking platforms.

It’s important to note that Travolic does not directly sell tickets. Once a traveler chooses a ticket, they are seamlessly redirected to one of Travolic’s partner websites. There, they can complete their booking by making the payment and finalizing their travel arrangements.

Dollar Flight Club Affiliate Program

Dollar Flight Club operates as a membership platform. It provides regular updates on discounted flight deals, promising savings of up to 90% off standard fares.

The service asserts that the average subscriber saves over $500 annually by utilizing their service.

Justfly Affiliate Program

Justfly Affiliate Program

Justfly is a flight search engine. It is affiliated with the FlightHub Group, assisting over five million customers annually in discovering optimal airfare deals.

The platform enables users to explore and reserve flights from a selection of over 440 airlines. In addition, it provides options for car rentals and hotel bookings.

Air India Affiliate Program

Air India Affiliate Program

Air India, India’s national carrier, offers comprehensive air transport services for passengers and cargo, both domestically and internationally.

With a rich history intertwined with the evolution of civil aviation in India, Air India has been a pioneering force in the country’s aviation sector.

The airline embodies the essence of India through its warm hospitality, a quintessential trait of Indian culture.

Since its inaugural flight on October 15, 1932, Air India has expanded into a major international airline. It now connects travelers to over 40 destinations across the USA, Europe, Australia, Far-East and South-East Asia, and the Gulf region.

Domestically, Air India’s network spans approximately 80 destinations, encompassing all state capitals and remote regions such as India’s North-East, Ladakh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Aviasales Affiliate Program

Aviasales Affiliate Program

Aviasales is a prominent flight search engine. It helps affiliates earn commissions by directing traffic to the platform, where users can search and book flights from a wide range of airlines.

They are known for providing users with comprehensive flight options and competitive prices, making it a valuable resource for travelers seeking affordable airfare.

By joining the Aviasales Affiliate Program, partners can monetize their platforms while assisting travelers in finding the best flight deals available.

With a user-friendly interface and a vast selection of flight choices, affiliates can cater to diverse travel preferences and help their audience save money on air travel.

City.Travel Affiliate Program

City.Travel Affiliate Program

The City.Travel Affiliate Program is a dynamic platform. It offers affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions by promoting a wide array of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

Affiliates can access a user-friendly dashboard equipped with tools to track performance, optimize campaigns, and maximize earnings.

With competitive pricing and a vast inventory of travel options, affiliates can cater to diverse audiences and provide them with exceptional travel deals.

The program also provides dedicated support, detailed reporting, and timely payouts, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for affiliates.

Scott’s Cheap Flights Affiliate Program

Scott’s Cheap Flights Affiliate Program

Similar to Dollar Flight Club, Scott’s Cheap Flights (Going now) operates as a membership site dedicated to assisting customers in discovering budget-friendly flight deals.

The platform displays prices for your selected airport while also suggesting alternative airports for offering incredible deals to your desired destinations.

The majority of the deals featured on the site provide discounts ranging from 40% to 90% off regular prices.

With over two million active members and 500,000 monthly visitors, Scott’s Cheap Flights boasts a significant impact, having helped members collectively save over $500 million on airfares.

Air France Affiliate Program

Air France Affiliate Program

Air France is Europe’s leading airline that operates in conjunction with its partners KLM and Transavia.

This French flag carrier recently clinched the title of Western Europe’s top airline for the second consecutive year at the prestigious 2022 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

Affiliates gain access to a wide range of marketing materials, including banners, links, and promotional content, to help drive traffic and bookings.

By leveraging Air France’s strong brand reputation and extensive route network, affiliates can attract travelers seeking quality flights and services.

The program provides tracking tools, reporting features, and dedicated support to help affiliates optimize their campaigns and maximize their earnings.

Challenges and Strategies for Success

While airline affiliate programs present exciting prospects, they also come with challenges that marketers must navigate to maximize their earnings and impact.

Some key considerations include:


The travel industry is highly competitive, requiring affiliates to differentiate their content, target niche audiences, and offer unique value propositions to stand out.


Fluctuations in travel demand and seasonality can impact booking volumes and affiliate earnings, necessitating strategic planning and diversification of promotional strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to airline policies, disclosure guidelines, and legal regulations is crucial to maintain trust with both the audience and affiliate partners.

To succeed in airline affiliate marketing, marketers can implement the following strategies:

Niche Targeting

Focus on specific travel niches, such as luxury travel, budget airlines, or family vacations, to cater to distinct audience segments effectively.

Quality Content

Create engaging and informative content that educates, inspires, and guides travelers, positioning yourself as a trusted resource in the travel space.

SEO Optimization

Enhance your website’s visibility in search engines by optimizing content for relevant keywords, improving site speed, and building backlinks to drive organic traffic.

Data Analysis

Track performance metrics, analyze conversion data, and optimize campaigns based on insights to refine strategies and maximize ROI.

Wrapping Up

Airline affiliate programs offer a compelling opportunity for marketers to monetize their travel-related content, partner with renowned airlines, and earn commissions on flight bookings.

By understanding the nuances of the travel industry, leveraging strategic approaches, and prioritizing audience engagement, affiliate marketers can unlock the full potential of airline affiliate programs. As well as soar to new heights in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.


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