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How to Use Coupon Sites to Start Selling Your Products

E-commerce competition is fierce. That is why leveraging coupon sites has become a strategic approach for businesses looking to boost sales and attract new customers. Coupon sites offer a powerful platform to promote products, drive traffic, and increase conversions through enticing discount offers. 

In this post we’ll feature the essential strategies and best practices for harnessing coupon sites to kickstart your product sales and maximize your online presence.

What is a Coupon Website and How Does it Work?

A coupon website is an online platform that displays various discount offers, deals, and promotional codes from a wide range of retailers and brands. 

These websites serve as a hub for consumers seeking discounts on products and services across different categories such as fashion, electronics, travel, and more.

Coupon websites typically work by curating and organizing a collection of coupons and deals sourced from partnering businesses. Users can visit these websites to browse through the available offers, select the ones that interest them, and then click on the provided links or codes to redeem the discounts during their online purchases.

Benefits of Coupon Websites

Savings for Consumers

Coupon websites provide an easy and convenient way for consumers to save money on their purchases. By offering discounts and deals, these platforms help shoppers stretch their budgets and get more value for their money.

Increased Sales for Businesses

For businesses, coupon websites serve as a cost-effective marketing tool to attract new customers, drive sales, and promote brand awareness. By partnering with coupon sites, businesses can reach a broader audience and incentivize purchases through exclusive offers.

Traffic Generation

Coupon websites can drive significant traffic to online stores or physical retail locations. The allure of discounts and deals motivates consumers to visit these websites regularly in search of the best bargains, leading to increased visibility and footfall for businesses.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Coupon sites can help businesses acquire new customers by introducing their products or services to a wider audience. Additionally, offering discounts through these platforms can encourage repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty over time.

Data Insights and Analytics

Coupon websites often provide businesses with valuable data insights and analytics on consumer behavior, preferences, and purchase patterns. This data can be leveraged to optimize marketing strategies, tailor promotions, and enhance the overall customer experience.

How to Boost Sales with Solutions from Admitad

Admitad collaborates with over 300,000 publishers globally to drive new customer acquisition and sales for its portfolio of 3000+ clients.

Admitad’s Base, Rise, and Peak subscription plans offer businesses versatile solutions to optimize their affiliate marketing strategies and drive sales growth. 

With the first two plans, companies gain access to essential tools and features to kickstart their affiliate programs, including affiliate links, tracking capabilities, and performance reports.

In contrast, the Peak subscription plan takes affiliate marketing to the next level by offering advanced features and enhanced functionality for businesses seeking to expand their reach and maximize their revenue potential. 

With the Peak plan, businesses can access premium tools such as advanced tracking technologies, personalized support, and in-depth analytics to optimize their affiliate campaigns. 

Case Studies

Through strategic collaborations with Admitad platforms like ShopCash, Mamyje.pl, and Bravokupony, have facilitated significant growth and success. 

Let’s take a look at the case studies below.

ShopCash’s Success Story

By teaming up with Admitad, ShopCash aimed to expand its merchants’ pool, automate processes, and swiftly launch new stores without compromising on cashback rates.

Through Admitad’s network, ShopCash has been able to offer a wide variety of brands with competitive cashback rates and exclusive offers, ultimately driving customer engagement and loyalty.

The partnership has enabled ShopCash to provide customers with a seamless cashback experience, complemented by coupons, deals, and referral bonuses, thereby boosting sales and encouraging repeat purchases.

Mamyje.pl’s Achievement

Mamyje.pl’s collaboration with Admitad has resulted in remarkable growth, with a substantial increase in performance indicators and order volumes.

Leveraging mobile opportunities, Mamyje.pl witnessed a surge in orders placed through mobile devices, showcasing the platform’s adaptability and responsiveness to evolving consumer trends.

Joint efforts with Admitad led to a quadruple increase in conversions and sales for partners, underscoring the effectiveness of affiliate marketing strategies in driving business growth and revenue.

Bravokupony’s Transformation

Through its partnership with Admitad, Bravokupony experienced a significant rise in transaction value, from PLN 900,000 in 2021 to PLN 6.5 million at the end of 2023.

Admitad’s affiliate links, commission management tools, and insightful reports empowered Bravokupony to track progress effectively, analyze data, and optimize marketing strategies for enhanced performance.

Admitad’s tailored approach, swift communication, technical support, and verification processes have fostered a secure and collaborative environment, enabling Bravokupony to launch advertiser promotions efficiently and drive sales growth.


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