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Sobchak responded to accusations of advertising fakes

Read Time:1 Minute, 38 Second

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak responded to the accusations of advertising fakes published on several Telegram channels after her video about a company that supplies furniture from China to Russia. Sobchak responded to critics in her Telegram channel “Bloody Lady”.

“For suckers, I explain once again: a fake is when the conventional Ksenia Borodina advertises Birkin as real, and at the same time, as on the real Birkin, the cherished Hermes is written,” wrote Sobchak, caught in the advertisement for forgeries.

According to the presenter, design is a non-patentable thing, therefore companies working for a wide audience sometimes copy expensive design things. “Not everyone can afford Porada and Baxter, and if in China they were“ inspired ”and did something similar, thank God that people will stop hanging carpet on the wall and sleep on a folding checkered sofa,” added the presenter. In conclusion, Sobchak wrote that there is nothing shameful in the Chinese counterparts of designer furniture, and urged her opponents to “learn the materiel.”

The advertisement for Chinese furniture was integrated in an interview with actor Nikita Kukushkin posted on Sobchak’s YouTube channel on January 6. For a few minutes, the presenter spoke about the merits of the company that supplies furniture from China to Russia.

Calling on her viewers to place an order, Sobchak showed the designer sofa and said that in Russia it costs 800 thousand rubles. If you order exactly the same sofa in China, then, according to the host, it will cost four times less – 200 thousand rubles. “For such a bed in Russia, you will pay more than 500 thousand rubles, and in China – 60 thousand,” the presenter also said and noted that “even a schoolchild can understand such a benefit”.

After publication, the ad was ridiculed in several Telegram channels. In particular, the channel about the design of “Muravina’s knees” accused Sobchak of advertising fakes, and added that in the future they expect from the leading advertising of fake bags.

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Сообщение Sobchak responded to accusations of advertising fakes появились сначала на supercar.ru.

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